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Who WE Are


Jeff and Anita Davis, life-long residents of the Southern Coal Fields, are developing a mecca for ATV riders of the Hatfield/McCoy Trail System, deer hunters, water enthusiasts and several other outdoor sports. 

Upon completion, we will service riders of the Hatfield/McCoy Trail System, white-tail deer and various small game hunters, scenic river float and fishing trips, 3D archery, skeet shooting, and hiking and walking trails.

Scott Poole Outdoor Recreation & Trail riding

The name "Sport Outfitters" may appear to be a reference to the several outdoor activities that we offer. While that is true, there is also a much greater meaning behind the name.

Scott Poole was a family friend of Jeff and Anita's who shared the same love of the outdoors and the Hatfield/McCoy Trail System. After his passing in 2014, Jeff and Anita wanted to honor his memory and his love for the outdoors.

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